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Here is the Fan Fiction section of Kirei Tenshi. I hope you find something to your liking. I hope in the furture that this section expands into new area's.The way I plan on having this section is simple. First the fan fiction will be broken up into their series, then their author. and lastly the fiction titles themselves. So please kick back and enjoy what I have so far. But please read the warning below before you head ino the Fan ficion pages.

*Please Note*

That some Fan Fictions within in my site may contain Yaoi, Yuri, or something called Lemons.

Yaoi is described as Male/Male Relationships

Yuri is simply Female/Female Relationships

Lemons are named for Sexual Acts.

I suggest that if you are not mature enough to reed such topic's as these you that leave. Or if you are offended by Yaoi, Yuri, or Lemons you might want to go else where's.

So maybe you want to post a story in Kirei Tenshi? I would love to host them for you But like always there are a few rules for you. Don't worry I said a few, remember the Poetry Passion's Rules? Are they hard, didn't think so! So here we go again.

Lustful Rules

Now that you read the rules ready to send me your fiction?

Send me your stories


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