Gundam Wing
Fan Fiction Page

Hi and welcome to my Gundam Wing fan fiction page. I know that there are a lot of people that like Gundam Wing (who couldn't love Trowa ) but sadly at the moment I don't have alot of Gundam Wing stories to give you. I am doing to my best to collect as any gundam wing stories as I can. But right I am sure you should like the ones's I have wrote and have collected.

Heero's Mission
Warning Yaoi Intent
Wufei and Duo are fighting again but this time their words shall be their undoing.

Angel's Chibi Hunt Part One
It would seem that my hobby of collecting chibi's leave's rather lonely

Duo's Tears
Warning Yaoi Intent
Heero is in love, but it ain't with Duo anymore. The only thing Heero leaves Duo with is with his own tears.

Peace Craft Love
Warning Incest?
Relena has a lover, but it ain't Heero. Only if her friends really knew who shared her bed at night?

Loving the Enemy
Warning Yaoi
Trowa is in love, but it's with someone within OZ.

Frozen Love
Warning Yuri
A lonely soidler reflects on their princess.
And maybe something that is alittle frozen within..