Ayashi no Ceres

Hello and welcome to Ayashi no Cers Fan Fiction Page. Ayashi no Ceres is a anime based on a legend (I don't know if this is a real Japan legend or not?)Here is one way the legend is told...

long ago, a fisherman was passing by the seashore, there he saw many beautiful tennyos [celestial maidens] bathing in the sea.

Near by, on a pine tree there hung the most beautiful robe he had ever seen. He knew it belonged to the tennyos, but quietly took it home.

The tennyo whose hagoromo he stole could not return back to heaven without it. She went to ask the fisherman for her hagoromo back, but he pretended he knew nothing about it

She stayed and married the fisherman, and gave birth to many children. Many years after, she found out that the fisherman had lied to her and after getting her harogomo back, she returned to the sky leaving behind her children and husband.

Now reed the stories of her and her human blood line.