The Fan Fiction Challenge
By: Yvette
Warning Yaoi

"You are cordially invited to attend a formal bash at Shu Lay Fang's Mansion this Friday at 7:30pm. Entrance located at the south side. Be there or be square!" Seiji places the invitation down on top of the dresser. He turns on the radio, and looks at himself in the mirror as he pulls his hair back in a ponytail.

"Pretty Baby - You look so heavenly A neon nebula - from under the sun Eyes that tells me - incense and peppermints Your looks are larger than life - long live innocence" ........ Performed by Blondie *

Shu enters the room. Shu: You're not ready yet?
Seiji: (smiles) Relax. Party begins in an hour.
Shu: I know that, Seiji; but, I am the host. I would like to greet my guests before they show up.
Seiji: You will. Take it easy.
Shu throws himself on the foot-end of the bed and lands in a sitting position. Shu: Can't wait for this party. I've been planning this for months. You should see what my parents did to the hall. It's great! Looks like a night club. Seiji: Yeah, you were telling me about that the other day. Does it really look like a night club?
Shu: Oh, yeah. You have to see it to believe it.
Seiji: (As he buttons up his jacket.) Cool. Now, your parents don't have to worry about cleaning up or anybody destroying "valuable artifacts".
Shu snickers. Seiji turns to Shu's direction. Seiji smiles and gives Shu a friendly wink. Shu: Buddy, are you sure you don't mind playing chauffeur for the night? I would prefer if you showed up as a guest instead of "the chauffeur".
Seiji: Don't mind at all. Shu: I can try to find someone else for the ....

Seiji: No. It's okay. Really. Besides, you are not going to find anyone else in such a short notice. Remember, we only have less than an hour. Shu: If only our chauffeur wasn't ill.
Seiji sits on the side of the bed and faces Shu.

Shu: Well, at least let me pay you for the night.
Seiji: No. It's okay.
Shu: You're a good friend. You're all good friends. I'm grateful to have you guys in my life, even if you drive me crazy from time to time.

Seiji thanks Shu with a smile. Suddenly, the distant ringing of a telephone is heard in Shu's room.

Shu: Hey, is Touma coming?
Seiji: No. I don't think so.
Shu: Helping his dad at the lab?
Seiji: I'm afraid so.
Shu: Poor guy. He rarely gets to go out.
Seiji: I know.
Shu: Well, give him a call.
Seiji: I don't think he will come. He didn't mention anything about the party yesterday. He probably forgot. Telling him about it now would be short notice for him.
Shu: Come on. Touma may be a goody-two-shoes, but he's no square peg. Give him a call.
Seiji: I'll call him.
The boys are interrupted by a knock on the door. Shu: Come in.

Shu's mother comes in and informs the boys that Touma is on the other line. Shu tells his mother that he will take the call. She hands him the cordless phone. Seiji turns off the radio. She leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

Shu: Hey, buddy! How's it going?
Touma: Alright, I guess.
Shu: You sound out of it. What's wrong?
Touma: Tired, I guess.
Shu: Then I guess we won't be seeing you tonight.
Touma: What's tonight?
Shu: The party.
Touma: What party?
Shu: Have all that brainstorming blocked the brainwaves from going to their respective area? The bash I'm throwing tonight. I gave you an invitation during recess on Monday. Remember?

Touma finally remembered. With disappointment, clearly in his voice, he responded, "I forgot. I'm sorry."

Shu: That's okay. It happens to the best of us. Want to come anyway?
Touma: No.
Shu: Why not?
Touma: Short notice, and beside, it's formal isn't it?
Shu: Yeah?
Touma: I don't have the proper attire.

Shu looks at Seiji and mouths off, "Short Notice". Shu pulls on the collar of his tuxedo and mouths off, "No Proper Attire". Seiji giggles.

Seiji: Give me the phone.
Shu: Touma.
Touma: Yeah?
Shu: Seiji wants to talk to you.
Touma: Okay.
Shu: Later dude.
Touma: Later.

Shu hands the telephone to Seiji and tells him not to take long. Seiji: I won't.

Shu leaves the room. Seiji holds the phone between his right ear and his right shoulder as he continues to button the cuffs on his sleeves.

Seiji: Hey, buddy.
Touma: Hey.
Seiji: What's this I hear about you not going to the party?
Touma: Tired.
Seiji: (Teasing) And no clothes to wear?
Touma snickers.
Seiji: Come on, buddy. You have been couped up in your father's lab for weeks now. The guys miss you. I miss you. Touma: I wish I could go, but I don't have a tux.
Seiji: Neither do I. Touma: Then, what are you wearing?
Seiji begins to laugh.
Touma: What's so funny?
Seiji: My attire.
Touma: Well, what are you wearing?
Seiji: A chauffeur's uniform.
Touma: What?
Seiji: You heard me. A chauffeur's uniform.
Touma: Damn. Are things that bad?
Seiji: Don't be silly.
Touma chuckles a bit.
Seiji: I had no intention of going, but I didn't want to sit around the house and do nothing. So, I decided to become "Shu Lay Fang's" chauffeur for the night.
Touma: Why? The party is just around the corner.
Seiji: It's not for him, silly. It's for the guests.
Touma: I know. I was just joking. I think that's very nice of you to do this for Shu.
Seiji: I know. Thanks. Oh, Touma, please come. You can keep me company. I officially don't report to work until the first drunken guest have to go home.

Shu walks in the room. Seiji turns to Shu and signals him that he is almost through with the phone call. Shu waits.

Touma: So, you're dressed like a chauffeur, huh?
Seiji: Yes?
Touma: Hmmph. I have a black, double-breasted suit I wore for the Journalist's Annual Dinner Banquet held in my mother's honor a few weeks ago. I guess I could wear that."
Seiji: So, does that mean you're going?
Touma: Yeah, why not. It beats staying home and watching my father blow up the lab."

Seiji looks at Shu and signals that Touma is coming to the party. Shu winks and gives a thumb up.

Seiji: Then, it's settled. I'll pick you up in half-an-hour.
Touma: I'll be waiting for you. See you in a bit.
Seiji: See ya. (He turns to Shu.) Hope you don't mind.
Shu: For Touma, not at all. I'm glad he's coming. Now, the gang will be complete."

Seiji straightens himself out, looks at the mirror, and turns to Shu.

Seiji: What do you think?
Shu: You look fine. Cute ponytail. Shu: By the way, are you and Touma coming straight to the party? or are you going to hang out first?
Seiji: I was thinking of hanging out with him first, unless, of course, you have a problem with that.
Shu: No, no. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I need a favor in which you guys can actually enjoy doing.

Shu goes into his "goody" drawer located on the right side of his bed. He scrambles his things around until he finds what he is looking for.
Seiji: What is it?
Shu: It's a book of matches. What do you think it is ?
Seiji: But, I don't smoke.
Shu: (Somewhat annoyed by Seiji's ignorance.) I know you don't smoke.
Naaza picked this up two weeks ago in a strip joint. Seiji: Strip joint.
Shu: Yeah. He said it was great! I thought you and Touma would check it out for me, and tell me if it's worth going to.
Seiji: (Smiles) We'll do.
Shu: Would you hurry up?!
Seiji: I'm going!

Seiji pulls over and gets out of the limo. He leaves the radio on and blows the horn. He leans on the car with his arms crossed and waits for Touma. As he waits, he can't shake the feeling that he has forgotten something. Touma finally shows up. He looks good wearing the black, double-breasted suit and a black turtleneck. He definitely looks sharp tonight.

"She walks like she don't care - you wanna take her everywhere Oooh, it makes you wanna cry. She's like a millionaire - walking on imported air Oooh, it makes you wanna die............Performed by Blondie *

Seiji: Looking good, Touma.
Touma gives Seiji a flirtatious smile as he approaches Seiji.
Seiji: Looking real good, Touma.
Touma stops and models for Seiji by turning around. Seiji smiles at Touma. Touma approaches.
Touma: You look pretty good yourself wearing that uniform. Seiji: Thanks. (He opens the door on the passenger side for Touma.)
Touma: I, especially, like the ponytail. (Touma flips Seiji's ponytail from under.) It's you!

Touma gets into the limo. Seiji closes the door. The window is rolled down. Seiji places his hands on the door and bends over toward Touma.
Seiji: I thought I would look more professional if my hair was pulled back.
Touma: You look like a professional to me. A real cute one may I add.   (He winks.)

Seiji playfully throws a kiss to Touma and walks away. He gets in the limo, and off they go. Seiji lowers the radio.

Seiji: Hope you don't mind. I thought we could hang out together for a while before going to the party.
Touma: Sure. What do you have in mind?

Seiji lifts his jacket, reaches into his left pocket, and pulls out the book of matches. He gives it to Touma. Touma takes it and looks at it. Touma: Golden Kittens?
Seiji: Yeah. It's a strip joint. Shu thought we should check it out.
Touma: Is it good?
Seiji: Shu doesn't know. Naaza told him about it. He thought it was great.
Touma: Well, don't just sit there and cruise. Step on it!
Seiji: You got it, Baby!
The boys finally reached their destination.

Seiji: Here we are.

Seiji finds a parking spot. The boys get out of the limo and walks into the strip club. After showing the bouncer their IDs, and slipping the guy a $50, the boys were ready for action. One by one, the girls stripped and, erotically, danced to the audience's content. Touma is having a great time even though he is mellow tonight. This laid-back attitude is turning Seiji on.

Touma: Oh, man. Look at her. Look at that. I thought she's supposed to dance around the pole and not do the pole.
Seiji: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You really like this, don't you?
Touma: (Nonchalantly) Oh, yeah. I'm getting excited just looking at her. I wish I was the pole.
Seiji: If you want, you can be my pole.

Under the table, Seiji places his right hand on Touma's inner left thigh as Touma continues to stare at the stripper. Touma looks at Seiji. He leans toward Seiji and tells him, "Let's go".

The boys exit the strip club and walks toward the limo. Seiji opens the door for Touma. Touma gestures as if he wanted to either say something to Seiji or do something to Seiji, but something holds him back. Touma and Seiji lock eyes for a brief moment. Touma gets inside the limo, and Seiji closes the door. Seiji goes around the front of the limo and gets into the car. Seiji looks at Touma.

Touma: We better go to Shu's party.
Seiji: Yeah, you're right.
Seiji turns on the car and drives off.
Seiji: You know, you really are a tease.
Touma: And you're not?
Seiji: No. (He looks at Touma and smiles.)
Touma returns a smile.
Seiji: Do me a favor?
Touma: Sure.
Seiji: Under your seat, I believe there is a cassette. Pull it out for me.
Touma: You believe there's a cassette under the seat? What? You're not sure?
Seiji: Shu said his chauffeur usually leaves a cassette under the passenger seat.
Touma: I see.

Touma reaches under his seat and feels something soft. Out of curiosity, he grabs it and pulls it out.

Touma: What the heck is this?
Seiji: Looks like a purple sock.
Touma: What's it doing under the seat?
Seiji: How should I know? Get rid of it.
Touma tosses it out the window. He reaches under the seat and finds the tape.
Touma: Here you go.
Seiji: Thanks.
Seiji places the cassette in the slot and presses the "play" button.

"I believe in sunshine on a cloudy day. I believe in happiness.." ........Artist Unknown *

Seiji takes the tape out and tosses it back to Touma. Seiji: Put it back under the seat. It's sounds better down there.
Touma: What's the matter? Don't you like country music?
Seiji and Touma look at each other and begin to laugh. Seiji turns on the radio and continues to switch the stations until he found a song he liked.

"You make a grown man cry - you make a grown man cry. Ride like the wind at double speed  I'll take you places that you've never, never seen Start it Love the day when we will never stop, never stop".....Performed by The Rolling Stones *

As the two boys reach the south side of Fang's Mansion, they can hear the music coming from the hall. They're playing a disco classic.

"So, I like to know where you got the notion Said, I like to know where you got the notion. To Rock the Boat - don't rock the boat, baby - Rock the Boat - Don't tip the boat over - Rock the Boat - Don't rock the boat, baby - Rock the Boat"......Performed by Hues Corporation

They get out of the car and head to the hall. As they walk, they hear the music grow louder. Continuation of the same song.

"Ever since our voyage of love began - your touch has thrilled me like the rush of the wind - And your arm has held me safe from rolling sea - There's always been a quiet place to harbor you and me........Performed by Hues Corporation

"Theeyy're, Heeere." *
Touma and Seiji turn to their right. It's Shu. He approaches them.

Shu: Well, it's about time you two showed up. I was starting to believe you guys were going to be a couple of "no-shows".
Touma: Wouldn't miss it for the world, Buddy.
Shu: That's not what you said earlier. Seiji: I hope I didn't let you down, Shu.
Shu: Relax, Buddy. Everyone is having a good time. No one is leaving anytime soon.
Touma: I love what your parents did with the hall. It's awesome.
Seiji: I'll say. It really does look like a night club.
Shu: Thanks! Well, don't just stand there, come on in, and join the fun.

There's a table by the dance floor with your names on it. They look for the table. There are many tables occupied at the moment. Those without occupants have drinks on it; so, they are obviously taken. They come across a table that has not been occupied. Seiji picks up a card on top of the table.

"Touma and Seiji" Seiji: Oh, he's right. It does have our name on it. They sit on the table and relax a bit. They look around. The atmosphere was fantastic, full of life and energy. Everyone is having a good time. People are dining, talking, and dancing.

"What would you like?", the waiter asked.
Seiji: Boy. He even has waiters.
Touma: (Smiles at Seiji and then looks at the waiter.) I'll have a Coke .
Seiji: I'll have a Sprite .
Waiter walks away.
Touma: Shu out-did himself this time.
Seiji: He sure did. Everyone is here. But, where are the guys?
Touma: I'm sure they're around here somewhere. Continuation of the same song.

"To rock the boat - don't rock the boat, baby - Rock the boat - don't tip the boat over - Rock the boat - don't rock the boat, baby - Rock the boat - don't tip the boat over - Rock the boat - Ooooohoooo" .........Performed by Hues Corporation *

The waiter gives the two boys their drinks. As Touma and Seiji drink, they feel a hand on their shoulders. The look behind them. It's Naaza.
Naaza: So, the pretty boys are finally here.
Touma: (Shakes Naaza's hand) How's it going?
Naaza: Alright. And you?
Touma: Couldn't be better.
Naaza: Hey, pretty boy!
Seiji: (Shakes Naaza's hand) How are you doing, Naaza?
Naaza: Can't complain. Listen. Shu told me that you guys were suppose to go to the Golden Kittens. Did you go?
Touma had a "Kool-Aid * " smile across his face. Seiji wore a "cheese" smile.
Seiji: We sure did.
Naaza: By the look on your faces, I gather you boys had a great time.
Seiji: Did we. Touma was going wild on the inside. But, he restrained himself very well.
Naaza: (Laughs) I knew you guys would like it. Well, listen. I don't mean to be rude, but I have to get back to my companion.
Touma: Who are you with tonight?
Naaza: Shuten. Naaza: Yes. But, we made up. What can I say? We have a love-hate relationship.
Seiji: Have you seen the other guys?
Naaza: Yes. Shu and Shin are somewhere on the dance floor; the last I saw
Anubis, he was at the bar; and Ryo and Rajura are making out in the restroom.
Touma: Ha! Ha!
Seiji: (Sarcastically) How romantic.
Naaza: Well, they did lock themselves in one of the stalls.
Touma: Privacy! I love it!
Touma, Seiji, and Naaza laugh.
Naaza: Catch you guys later.
Touma: Alright.
Seiji: See ya.

Touma and Seiji continued to sip their drinks at the table. They watched the dancers strut their stuff on the dance floor. The music is starting to have an effect on the two boys. Finally, they spot two of their closest companions on the dance floor.

"Aaahh yeah - Boogie Down - Boogie Down - Woooo I wanna put on my my my my my my boogie shoes - just to boogie with you, yeah. I wanna put on my my my my my my boogie shoes - just to boogie with you, yeah....Performed by K.C. and the Sunshine Band *

Shu and Shin, facing each other, pretending to hold microphones, sing the verse of the song: "I wanna put on my my my my my my boogie shoes - just to boogie with you, yeah." "I wanna put on my my my my my my boogie shoes - just to boogie with you, yeah."

Touma and Seiji chuckles.
The song ends. Another one begins.

"Ladies and Gentlemen - This is Mambo No. 5" .......Prelude to the song Performed by Lou Bega *

Seiji gets up from the table and grabs Touma by his arm, a few inches from the shoulders, and pulls Touma up from his chair.

Seiji: Come on, Buddy. We're dancing to this number.

Touma gets up and gulps the rest of his soda . He places the glass down on the table, barely missing it. Both boys are heading to the dance floor with Seiji leading the way. The boys continue to make way to the dance floor, gently pushing aside those who stand in their way. They finally reached the middle of the dance floor. The boys begin to dance.

At first, they move nonchalantly on the dance floor, but as soon as they begin to feel the music, they loosen up. They start off by moving to the beat of the drums and then they move to the rhythm of the trumpets. It's somewhat of a silly song, but it's great to move freely to.

"A little bit of Monica in my life - A little bit of Erica by my side - A little bit of Rita is all I need - A little bit of Tina is what I see - A little bit of Sandra in the sun - A little bit of Mary all night long - A little bit of Jessica, here I am - A little bit of you makes me your man - Aaaahhh" ...........Performed by Lou Bega *

On the dance floor, one can tell how long a couple, whether friends or lovers, have been together just by watching the sequence of footsteps and dance moves between the two. If there are breaks in between the sequence of footsteps and dance moves, not long enough. If their movements flow swiftly to the beat and/or the rhythm of the song, the couple has been together for a long time.

Seiji and Touma have been best friends for many years, and at one time, they were lovers. So, it comes to no surprise when the other dancers, mesmerized by their performance, clear the dance floor for the second-best dance couple in town. Shin and Shu have been dubbed the best "Swing Kids" their generation has to offer. Shin and Shu know every dance craze known and unknown to mankind and can dance to any song in any music category. These two, also, have been best friends for many years, and from time to time, they have messed around with each other. Therefore, Shin and Shu have been awarded the top honor by their peers. Unfortunately, their performance was done earlier this evening. For those who were at the party from the beginning, Seiji's and Touma's performance will be a second treat.

To the beat of the song, Seiji and Touma bop their head, move their body up and down, and move their feet front and back and twisting them at the same time. Similar to the Mash Potato * (dance craze back in the 60s), but with more soul. Seiji and Touma are very loose on the hips. Both boys face each other. Seiji holds Touma by the neck, and Touma holds Seiji by the hips. The two begin to move their pelvis to the rhythm of the song. Watch out, Elvis * !! The boys, possessed by the song, let the music guide their body movements. They know how to groove. Their dance movements are somewhat sexual, but polite. Unlike the explosive Shu and Shin, Seiji and Touma are calmed dancers. Their moves are loose, but more relaxed.

Seiji loves to flirt with the crowd. While Touma remains in the middle of the dance floor, Seiji dances toward the crowd, erotically, but in good taste, of course. Seiji is also known as a "teaser" on the dance floor. He moves toward a girl and begins to move his pelvis. She begins to do the same thing. As soon as she gets into the music, he dances away from her and dances with Touma instead. See what I mean?

If their performance was aired on The Ed Sullivan Show * , Ed, may he rest in peace, would be furious. He would ban the boys and condemned them for destroying "quality television" with their "shameful and sinful" gestures. If their performance was aired on American Band Stand * , Dick Clark * , American's Oldest Teenager (this is actually his nickname), would have shown his admiration by giving the two boys more airtime, so the entire nation may watch these two teenagers freely express their interpretation of this song. If they were in Harlem, New York * , they would be admired and respected like a "ghetto superstar". The song finishes. Another song begins. Another dance classic.

"It's Electric!" .........Prelude to song Performed by Marcia Griffiths *

As the music begins, dancers rush to the dance floor to form a line. The Fabulous Five and the Awesome Foursome create the first line (Seiji, Touma, Ryo, Rajura, Anubis, Shin, Shu, Shuten, and Naaza). The dance floor is big, but not big enough. Seven lines consisting of nine dancers in each line are on the dance floor.   The sliders on the dance floor begin.

"You can't see it - It's Electric! - You gotta feel it - It's Electric! Ooooh, it's shocking - It's Electric! (Sings in Jamaican Tongue) You got to know it - It's Electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie That you can't hold it - It's Electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie But you know its there - here and there and everywhere I got to move - I'm going(?) on a party ride. I've got to groove, groove, groove - And from this music I just can't hide. Are you coming with me - Come and let me take you to a party ride And I will teach you teach you teach you - I'll teach you the Electric Slide" ..........Performed by Marcia Griffiths *

Those who could not make it to the dance floor, stands on the side of the dance floor and sings along. Those who are lucky enough to be located in an area with enough space, create their own line. Those with limited space, dances the craze alone. The dancers perform the Electric Slide * until the song is over. Like all songs, good or bad, this one comes to an end. The DJ plays the next song.

(Ringing of the Phone)

"Hello? Hi, Honey, it's me - I went to the doctor today- Cause ever since you've been gone- I had a pain deep down inside - He's says there's nothing really wrong with me - I'm just missing my man - So, honey, please, come home to me as soon as you can - Doctor's orders - say there's only one thing for me - Nothing he can do - cause only you can cure me" ..............Performed by Carol Douglas *

With his left hand, Seiji gently grabs Touma's right hand and leads him away from the dance floor. As they walk through the crowd, they greet the many friends that have come to the party to enjoy themselves and the company of their companions.

"Hey, Seiji! Nice moves!"
Seiji returns the compliment with a smile.
"I didn't know boys with brains can groove."
Touma: (Turns his head to the left.) You would be surprise what "boys with brains" can do."
"I can imagine!"
Touma grins.

As the boys continue to move across the crowd, Seiji walks up to a classmate and greets him. Touma is behind him, talking to a couple of other classmates. The classmate talking to Seiji, introduces Seiji to his date. Seiji, politely, greets the pretty girl he has never seen before. Seiji turns to the classmate and points to the red carnation on his classmate's tuxedo. The classmate takes off the red carnation and gives it to Seiji. Seiji takes the carnation and holds it up as is saying "thank you". Seiji walks away, gently, pulling Touma from behind. Seiji reaches the bar and sits on a stool. He leads Touma to a stool next to him. With his right elbow on the bar, he looks at Touma and rolls the stem of the red carnation with his thumb, pointer, and index fingers.

Seductively, he takes the red carnation and smells it. He then takes the carnation and gently rubs it on his bottom lip, while his mouth is open. He licks his lips.
Seiji: Are you having a good time?

Touma's "bedroom" eyes emerge from within, accompanied with a seductive smile. Touma places his left elbow on the bar and rests his head on his hand. Seiji releases Touma's hand and switches the carnation from his right hand and to his left hand. Seiji then takes the carnation and places the flower on Touma's right temple. Gently, Seiji brings it down to Touma's cheek and across his lips. Touma opens his mouth, slightly. Seiji then moves the carnation toward Touma's jaw, down his neck, across the chest, and into the pocket on Touma's upper left side.
Seiji: I got that for you. I thought it would look better on you.

Seiji wants to grab Touma and give him a hard, passionate kiss, but he doesn't dare. Something is holding him back. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Touma lifts his head and moves closer to Seiji. Seiji does the same thing. Touma uses his right hand and gently pulls Seiji by the neck. Seiji uses his right hand to do the same to Touma. Both boys kiss. Naaza sees this and elbows Shuten. Shuten turns to Seiji and Touma.

Shuten: Looks like a romance is about to be rekindled.
Naaza: You mean it has rekindled.
Shuten: I guess the "water is under the bridge."
Naaza: Good! They do make a lovely couple.
Shuten: (Joking) Like us.
Naaza: Ha! Not if we kill each other first.
Naaza winks with a smile. Shuten laughs.

Feeling guilty of violating Seiji's and Touma's privacy, Naaza and Shuten decided to give the two boys the privacy one can only provide in a public place - they look away. Seiji and Touma continues to kiss.

"Yeah. You got a beer?"
"Sorry, pal. We ran out a few minutes ago."
Seiji pushes Touma away.

Touma: What's wrong?
Seiji: The beer. I knew I forgot something, but I didn't know what it was. Now, I know. I forgot about the beer.
Touma: The beer.
Seiji: Yeah, the beer.
Touma: (Sarcastically and disappointed) I'm glad my kiss is intoxicating that it reminds you of beer.
Seiji: You don't understand. I left the beer inside the trunk of the limo.
Touma: (Insulted) What in the world prompt you to remember this?
Seiji: I overheard the bartender tell that guy there was no more beer. I have to get the beer, or Shu will be furious. Come with me.
Touma: (Annoyed) Sure.

Both boys depart from the hall with a freight cart. Seiji senses Touma's disappointment, but says nothing. They reach the back of the limo.

Touma: Well, let's get the beer out.

Seiji goes into his pants and pulls out the car keys. Touma moves away from the trunk. Seiji inserts the key and turns it. The trunk is open. Seiji lifts the trunk open. Touma moves in and helps Seiji load the freight cart with the cartons of beer left inside the trunk. What was convenient about the trunk was the fact that the middle of the trunk was set up as a mini-van.   

So the boys, instead of lifting the cartons, they pulled the carton to the middle of the trunk and pulled the beer cartons on top of the freight cart. There is silence between the two boys during the loading. After the last carton was placed on the freight cart, Seiji stands in front of Touma and grabs Touma's face with his hands. He attempts to kiss Touma on the lips, but Touma pushes him away gently.

Touma: We have to get the beer inside.

Seiji ignores Touma. Seiji grabs Touma's hand and positions Touma's arms behind Touma's back. He, tightly, presses Touma's body against his. Seiji kisses Touma. Touma doesn't respond. Seiji kisses Touma again until Touma submits to Seiji's gestures. The boys kiss again. Seiji releases Touma's arms. Both boys embrace. Touma begins to kiss Seiji's neck. Seiji is enjoying Touma's affection. Seiji opens his eyes. Abrubtly, he pushes Touma away.

Touma: What now?
Seiji: Kayura!
Touma: (Turns to Kayura's direction.) So.
Seiji: So, I don't want her to see me with you.
Touma: What?! I don't believe this!
Seiji: Come here.

He pulls Touma beside the trunk. He says to himself, "Kayura won't be able to see Touma behind the trunk." Touma lets Seiji pull him. He figures, "Why bother". Seiji looks for Kayura at the side of the trunk.

Kayura: Hi, Seiji!
Seiji: Hi, Kayura!

Seiji hides behind the trunk and tells Touma that Kayura is heading to their direction.

Touma: And?
Seiji: Get in the trunk. (Grabs Touma by his right arm.)
Touma: What? No, way! (Breaks free from Seiji's grasp.) Seiji manages to push Touma into the trunk. He grabs Touma's legs and pushes them inside the trunk. Without looking, he closes the trunk.

Touma: Ow. You jerk! That's my head!
Seiji lifts the trunk again.
Seiji: (Annoyed) Put your head down and shut up. Seiji closes the trunk. He moves toward the freight cart.
Kayura: Hi, Seiji.
Seiji: Hey, Kayura. Wow! You look stunning tonight.
Kayura: Thank you, and you look .........nice.
Seiji: Ah, yeah. The uniform.
Kayura: Are you moonlighting as a chauffeur?
Seiji: Sort of. Shu's chauffeur is sick, and he asked me to take his chauffeur's place since I had no intention of going to the party and no plans for the weekend.
Kayura: You mean Shu has you driving him around from one side of the property to another?
Seiji: No. Shu's parents doesn't want any of the guests to drive home drunk, so they have their chauffeur drive them home.
Kayura: That's really nice of them. It's nice of you.
Seiji: Thanks.
Kayura: What's all this? (Pointing to the cartons of beer on the freight.)
Seiji: Beer. I have to get is inside.
Kayura: I'll go with you.
Seiji: Okay.

They walk toward the freight entrance.

Kayura: It's Touma here?
Seiji: Yeah, he's here.
Kayura: Where is he?
Seiji: Oh, he's around, somewhere.
Kayura smiles at him. Seiji, nervously, returns a smile. Kayura: Well, if you see him, tell him not to be a stranger.
Seiji: I will.

To be continued..........