Weiss Kreuz
Fan Fiction

Halo and welcome to FireCat's Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction Page! I think you will find FireCat's Weiss Kreuz stories very enjoy able. She is a very talented writer, as most are. But please note that these FILES are NOT MINE. They belong to FireCat, and she has the right to do as she pleases with them. If you would like to see Firecat's homepage go here. Also please note that FireCat has warning pages before any Yaoi/Lemon's and so forth. With that said on with the fic's...

Sword Dance
Rated: NC-17
This one is about Omi backstory,
and it has a little bit of Aya in it, too!

Ken has made a choice, but can it be done?

Catch Me
Ken deals with some inner thoughts, and his work.

Youji's Omelette
Rated: NC-17
Youji has attempted to make an omelette,
but Ken has other idea's.
Jeez I wonder what they could be???