Lady Jaya's Poetry

This is Lady Jaya's Poetry page. Lady Jaya is a well known author amoung yaoi fans as well for her poems, as you will see. Lady Jaya is a beauitful writer no matter what she writes. I have done RPG's with her and have been amazed of her skill. She strikes me as a beauitful person, and I believe her writings reflect that. But if you don't beieve me, just take a peek for yourself. Like I said your be amazed.........

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Lady Jaya


All is Quiet

All I Want

And Darkness Falls

A Strangers Dream


His Tears

I Don't Want To Fight

Love And Hate

Nothing I Can Do

Rbbid Carnige

  Savage Savagry

The Corner

The Darkness

The Demon

The Fire God

The Lone Knight

Under The Metors


Lady Jaya