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This is Lady Jaya's fan fiction page. Alot of good stroies are here. As I said before Jaya is a beautiful writer, so please take your time when reeding her stories. A little F.Y.I for you Lady Jaya writes most of her fiction with a character 'Jaya' as part of the main cast, and she also uses the Japanese names for the characters. The name's of the Troopers are below for you. I am unsure of the WarLords Japenese names so I will only put the Troopers.

Ryo= Ryo or Ryou
Cye= Shin
Rowen= Touma
Kento= Shu or Shuu
Sage= Seiji.

Now you might know who is who. It's not that hard. So enjoy yourself's for abit

Last Christmas
Seiji, Touma, Jaya enjoy christmas, but Ryo finially say's good by to an old love.

Magic Mirror
Warning Yuri
Mai seems to have a couple girlfriends that are not from her world.

Take Me Now No Regrets
Warning Lemon
The end is at hand, so what does everyone do? Your be surpired.

Seiji and Touma Series:
Warning Yaoi
This is the one that started Jaya's and mine's friendship. It's about to friends dicovering something new about each other.
The Way I Feel 1
No One Knows My Heart 2,
Ball and Chain 3,
Suffer In Silence 4,
I hear you 5

The Horendous Mistake:
Warning Yaoi
A mistake is made? Life's are lost. In the end will Ryo and Shu survire?
Parts 1-2,
Part 3,
Part 4,
Part 5

The Wishing Well
Warning Sweet, Yaoi
Shu makes a wish now can Ryo help it come true?

Warning Yaoi
The guys are traped on a airplaine with some really bad characters. namly the Warlords.
Chapter 1,
Chapter 2,
Chapter 3,
Chapter 4,
Chapter 5,
Chapter 6,
Chapter 7,
Chapter 8,
Chapter 9,
Chapter 10,
Chapter 11

Emotions Pre
This one is about the emotions of Jaya before her death.

Warning Yaoi, Sad
Seiji is dead, and someone can't seem to continue living without him.

Such A Simple Thing Is Love
Seiji and Jaya have a fight and in the end Seiji losses something every special.

All Hallow's Eve
Something is in the house with the Troppers and they are dieing.
What's in the house, and who is killing them?

I think it's rather sad, there are no words to describe it. But, The Hero's end.

A Night To Dance
Jaya teaches Seiji and Touma how to dance. Now if only they could keep up with her.

Someday, Sometime
One of the Troopers is gone, now Shu is relfecting on unspoken feelings.

Lady Jaya