Lustful Rules
for Fan Fiction

Okay you decided to check out the rules, now your half way there. All I need is for you to do is follow these rules, and if you do. Pressed'o' we will have birth of a brand new Fan fiction. So let's get moving shall we.

the Lustful rules

1. You must include a name in which you want to be known as, and a ACTIVE email address.

2.A warning stat's on the type of fan fiction it is, along with a TITLE.( Yaoi, Yuri, or lemon etc.)

3.Also include what series your fan fiction is based one. ( Ronin Warriors. Gundam Wing, etc.)

4.And most important- spell check your owm work. I will not do so.

*The only thing I will check for is if the fan fiction's has your name, email address, warning titles, and titles themseleves. I will do nothing more. But please note that this doesn't mean your story(s) must be in HTML format. While HTML is purprered I understand not all people know how to do so. If this is the case e mail and I will help you.

There now, are these that hard? I hope you enjoy yourself, cause that's why I am here. Oh and please remember if you follows the rules from up above your story(s) will have a better chance of been posted quicker. That's something to keep in mind, eh?

Je ne Everyone
I hope to see your Fan Fiction real soon!!!