My Master and I
By: Angel

I stand here from afar, watching you watch me. I see the longing in your eyes, the hunger in your face. Quick emotions flash in your eyes before you can stop them. Do you even realize that I have seen the same emotions with in own? I long to touch you, to know your kisses, to know your body as if were my own. But I see that you are not ready to accept our fate. Yes, little one, you and are fated for one another. I as your slave, you as my master. But oddly enough sometimes our roles are the opposite. I the master and you the slave. Who would have known in the end?

I merely stand by your side and await your call. It as been so for a thousand years, and I will continue to serve you in such a manner. When you call, I my master, shall appear before you. Once again I will serve you until you need me no more. Yet until then, my master, I must wait in a place where time has no meaning. No emotions can move one's soul, a place where no human may go!

As we grow, master, I will become more powerful to serve you better. yet please know this, I am no mere human, l like yourself. I am nothing more than a power, a power to be held. A force that could in the hands of a creature like myself bring the end of the world as humans know it. For you see, master, I hold no human emotion. No not really, but I do hold a fragment of memories past. I have seen the emotions, through your eyes master, that make up the feelings in human emotions. I experience them through you. See what makes this human world worth fighting for, even though at times, my master, you don't. You confuse me at times, always whiching your moods. Another human emotion, I suppose?

I do not claim to understand you, or your kind. That is something not even the gods could attempt. But I do claim to know you, my master. For you and I are apart of one another. One can not live without the other, Death would greet us if we tried, I however am happy just in serving you. To see the look of love, desire, lust within your eyes.

I am happy simply knowing you need me from time to time. Knowing that I pleasure you in some small way, a way that no human can! I also believe you know the pleasure we give each other? The way your body reacts to my touch, it's almost like a raging fire storm. So hot to the touch and so unthinkable. But I know you like it when we are together, eh master!

To see the longing within you makes me even happier, cause it matches my own. And when you gaze into our power, the pleasure is unforgettable. No words could do it justice, the power we share. Yet sometimes when you look the other way, I let my mask down to show the 'real' me, a me that even I don't know. But then I remember that it doesn't matter who I am. Just as long as I with you master. You give myself, I know no other words to describe it with. You simply ask nothing of me, yet you and you only are happy with the results I give you. No seconds guessing, no questioning, no pausing. It then that I love to be your slave, cause I feel the most free at times like those. I know it makes no since, but I have learned, as you are now my master, that this thing we call life never makes since to begin with.

I know no sweet words to tell you of the things you make me feel. But I have learned, my master, not to question it, to break it down, to sort-it out. I have come to respect this relationship between us, for it' then it all makes perfect sense. and it's then I know my role the best............

You as my master and I the slave