Rules for Passion Poetry

Okay passion lovers so you want to donate a poem to the poetry passion page? I try will to keep it simple or you, so keep up. Down below are the rules.

1. You must include a name in which you tend to go by, along with a active email address.

2. I know this might be a little overprotective but please put a warning inside the poem if one is needed.( hummor me.)

3. And this one is most important, please spell check your work before you send them to me. They will go up as is. I will check for your name, email, and etc.

*Again I WILL NOT spell check your work or anything of the kind! This doesn't not mean that your work has to be in HTML floor mat. HTML is purprered, but is NOT a must. IF you do not know HTML say so and I will help you.

So did I keep it simple enough for you? Hope so, I hope that you won't mind the rules I am asking to be followed. If these rules are done so properly the work you are sending will have a better chance of beening posted quicker!! So keep that in mind.

So are you ready to send me your Passion Poem's?
If so just click down below

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