Ryolocks and the Three WarLords

Ryolocks and the Three Mashos

        It was a dark day in the dynasty, of course its always a dark day there. The three Mashos were waiting for their meal. When the server spirit finally came Dais yelled, "Finally you stupid spirit. Do you realize how hungry we get fighting off those damn people."

        The spirit shrunk away, scared and disappeared. Sekhmet grabbed his bowl and began to slurp in, then spit all over the table. "Damn it!! Its too hot!! Doesn't that spirit know I only like COLD things. I'm not the warlord of venom for nothing!!"

        Dais took a politely too a sip of his soup, rolling his eyes at his barbaric friend. He tossed his spoon down with a growl. "This soup is too cold!! I only like hot things. I should severely punish that spirit!"

        Cale just looked at the two. "You guys have a screw lose. Look, lets reek some havoc. I'll tell a different spirit to warm up your soup and by the time we get back both your damn soups will be fine. Come on."

        The three got and headed out to kill and scare the be jesus out of innocent people. Meanwhile, Ryo decided he was going to storm the Dynasty castle all by himself so as not to endanger his friends. He burst into the Mashos dining room and saw the bowls.

        "What the? Those guys eat? Hmm, I wonder what it is?" He dipped his finger into the first bowl, soon when his finger turned red he realized it was quite hot. The other one was immediately cold. "Damn, these guys can't even get decent food. Even ROWEN cooks better than this." The last bowl didn't seem hot OR cold. He took a sip and licked his lips, "Hey! This is great, even better than Sai's cooking!"

        He downed the bowl of soup, it tasted wonderful. To bad he had to kill them. He ran through the halls, trying to find the warlords to dispatch them. As he ran, he found the room all of the Mashos shared. Each had a closet in front of their beds. He decided to see what kind of sick things the Masho kept. He opened the first closet in front of bed with covers decorated with snakes. He saw a whip and other assorted S&M stuff with Sekhmet's name on the 

    "Damn, I can't let him use these on innocent people.....or other Mashos. They aren't THAT bad I mean!" So he sliced everything up with his swords. He moved on the next closet in front of a bed that had wolves carved into the headboard and end. It was filled with all different types of oil and lube. Glow in the dark, cherry and strawberry flavored, perfume scented, some even looked foriegn.

        "These sick fiends!!! I'll make sure they never harm anyone with these horrid things!" With that he shattered all the bottles and sliced up any other tube of lube. He finally reached the last closet. The doors where decorated with spiders and webs carved into them. He flung it open expecting some disgusting sex toys or perhaps so lovely silk sheets but only to find the biggest porn collection he had ever seen.

        "Man, not even Rowen stands up to Dais!" He begins to leaf through the wonderful collect, but realizes he's getting one massive hard on in the process. "I can't fight with this, I better take care of it. QUICK!" He went to Sekhmet's bed and hoped in, shedding his armor in the process. But Sekhmet's bed was far to hard for him. "How does this guy sleep on this rock?" He tried Cale's bed next but it was way to soft, he had enough trouble getting out of it. "He must be a real pansy to have such a soft bed."

But Dais's bed was just right, he slid under the covers with a Be-Boy and began stroking himself softy. Realizing he needed some lube, he went over, took some from the collect that wasn't to bad and went back to bed.The Mashos came home from killing and frightening the general public. All were very hungry as could be expected. But they soon saw that something was terribly wrong! Sekhmet cried out, "Damn!! Someone's been eating my soup!!"

        Dais was they next to shout. "Who ever is responsible for eating some of my soup without permission is in for a horrible punishment!!!!" Cale was the last, all he could do was fume. "At least you guys still have your damn soup!! MINE'S ALL GONE!!!!"

        The three knew something was wrong. And they smelled Ronins. Taking off after whoever was behind this they came to their rooms. Sekhmet listened in and heard a soft moaning. "The cretin is in here!!" All three walked in to a complete mess.

        "My whips and other assorted leather straps!!! They're all shredded!!!" While Sekhmet cried over his great lost Cale was having a major tantrum.

        "All of my oils and lube!!! All gone!!! I spent CENTURIES getting all the exotic kinds. Now...*sniffle*...ALL GONE!!!!!!" Cale collapsed, trying to gather the lube and oil back into containers. Dais checked his porn collection. It was all there, only a Be-boy magazine was missing.

        Sekhmet jumped up, he realized his bed had been messed up. He complained bitterly since he always made his bed before leaving the room. Cale, hearing the beds had been messed with ran to his to check the carvings. All were ok but he commented that his bed had been messed up as well. They all turned to Dais's bed, soon realizing whoever had done all of this to their soup, sex stuff, and beds was in it. Dais yanked back the covers just in time to see a nude Ryo panting harshly on his magazine.         

"Well, it seems our little Ronin here likes my collection. Lets show him the merit of what he's done to yours guys." Both nodded. Sekhmet used the left over parts to tie Ryo to the bed while Cale used all sorts of mixed up lube to probe Ryo until he was nice and wet. Then all proceeded to re-enact the parts in that particular Be-Boy magazine.

        Ryo walked into the house, groaning softly. Mia and Sai walked up. Sai was the first to speak, "Ryo!! Where have you been? We've been looking for you!" Ryo just pushed them both away, told them he wanted to be alone and ran up to his room. Rowen came in from the living room and asked what was up with Ryo. Sai shrugged, "Maybe he went to think and now just wants his time alone here." They all decided that was it and went back to watching their movie. Ryo could only sit in his room and remember,

"Never try and take on the Dynasty by yourself. You get fucked every time."