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This is Ryo Sanada fan fiction page. Ryo is a every open minded person, and his stories show that. Right now he is currently one of the best 'newbies' around, well at least that what I think! His work reflects more than just one thing, so I can't really say just one thing about it. Want to see what I mean? Well go and take a look for yourself.....

Past Live
Part 1

Warning Mention of Yaoi
The Ronin Warrior's are dead. But in the here and now, Ryu Sanada is having a wreid dream. And who is the kid with the stakeboard?

Past Lives
Part 2

Warning Mention of Yaoi
Ryu has been thinking about his dream. When on his way from work he finds a kitty tyring to sallow a glass marble, and then get's unexpected vistor.

Ryo Sanada