Thank You

I just wanted take a minute out you know step back and reflect. Anyways I want to do something that I haven't seen a alot on webpages. So I thought why not give a go. So here it is....

I want to thank all my author who have donated their work's to Kirei Tenshi. Your kindness means a lot to me. And I know that without you that this site would be filled with empty pages. If there is any thing you ever need you all but need to ask. I know there are some auhtor's that are bashly about their work and other's are clueless to their talent and so this site is for them. Not the guest. But for you! So please enjoy yourselfs for once and get lost in a story or two and say "to hell with ya world."
Cause you earned it!!!

Good Job!!!

I want to specially Thank Lady Jaya for helping me get this whole thing together and for the way cool picture's she maded for me.

Drinks for all author's.
Don't worry this is on me!!!


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