Nothing Much
By: Angel

Year's come and Year's go.
Time changes from time to time
surprising most for the most part,
of the everlasting changes.

We never really think about it, do we?
"Where does time really go?"
That's something I would like to know.
Or maybe....not?

Maybe the less I know, the better off I will be?
If that's the way you want to look at it?

Where does the seconds of each minute wonder off to?
I bet it's to 'Geart Father Time?'

I wonder if father time is really a father?
If so why does he let his children wonder so far from home?

It seems as if father time is really not a father at all, how do I know?
cause time has no love, or compassion.
So I may, from time to time,
stop you when you are complaining about having no time.
I will simply ask you

"Who has ever really had time for time?"