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Welcome to TotallyRockin' Ronin Warriors fan fiction page. Here you find a very good story. If you ever wondered what if some crazy writer ever put the wild, wild, west and the Ronin's together and make one big stir of things? Well then TotallyRockin' has it for you. The story is a personal favorite of mine. Cuz I have always wondered what it might have been like in those times? And believe me if there were any school teachers like Cye still around I don't think I would ever left school. Anyways this is a must reed, simply cuz if you don't you will never be able to forgive yourself.

Gliter Gultch
Warning Yaoi
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It would seem as if Ryo and Sage need some help finding one another after a little mishap. And Kento is taking lessons from the local school teacher. And poor Rowen seems to be in love with the local whore. To top it all off the sheriff isn't working on the right side of the law.

1. A Fish Out Of Water
2. Angel Fire
3. Blue Bird Of Happiness
4. Tarnished Halo
5. Kaos! The Morning After
6. The Anchoring Rock
7. Water Works
8. Cover of Darkness
9. The llusion Of Love
10. Vicious Night
11. Cruelty's Secret
12. Between A Rock And A Hard Place
13. Poisoned Minds
14. Hot Cherry Pie
15. Sea Food Buffet
16. Illumination
17.RainDrops Keep Falling
18. Wet Dreams
19. Secret Confessions
20. Burning Bright
21. Wishing Well
22. Fresh Fish
23. Romantic Interlude
24. Blue Balls
25. Iron Rock Crusher
26. Can Opener
27. Cruel Seduction
28. Into The Darkness
29. Rising Star
30. Hard Day's Night
31. Daybreak
32. Wave Goodbye