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As you might be able to guess this is where I will put the latest works of my authors. I will put the author, and where their work is located, I will attempt to give a little 411 on the new stuff. Plus any news I think you might like to know shall be under F.Y.I so pay attention kiddies. I hope there will be a lot to do!!!



Okay I hope you have noticed the NEW layout of the index page? Smiles~I am learning more HTML as I go. I added new fanfiction by yours truely, and I am currently going through and removing any and all broken links.I hope to add more author fan fictions soon.



Lets see if I remember all of this?

I have made tow new fan fiction sections up and running. Rurouni Kenshin and Ayashi no Ceres.

So in those sections please welcome Kirstian in both of those sections. Sher is within the Rurouni Kenshin and the Gundam Wing sections.Welcome Blume-chan to the WK section as well.

I have been playing with lots of different things for the site, one is an interactive page!!! And new HTML tags and what not.



Okay I know it's been a LONG time since this was updated.Gomen but life seemed to gotten it the way for a while. But as you can see things are changing around here. Such as new pictures, colors, and new fanfictions and poems. So lets get to it.

Weclome Lady Autumn Wolf. She has three lovely pieces.

Lady Snow Blossom also has two new poems up

Lady Jaya will have some coming as well. (I am currently waiting for her
to update the Palace.)

Finally I have one new piece up.

Please rememeber that all new work are posted at the bottom

Fan Fiction
Okay lets see if I remember everything?

Cherry Princess has chapters 7-11 of 'Finding The Light Of The Moon' up. That can be found in her CCS page.

Nova has chapters 7 and 8 up of Romances and plus a new crossover called Poessesion. You can find these stories plus the rest of her work under her RW or GW pages.

TotallyRockin TR's series called GG has been updated as well. Chapters 23 to 29 are added. Her story can be found in the RW section of the libraries

Dragonmmho has her Escaflowne ficcy updated as well. Reveletion 2 can be found in the Esca section.

Lastly I have started a crossover fanfiction for WK so I have a page in that series now.If you want to know what it's mixed with? Ya have go see.

Lastly I have add a chat room for this site and will try to make a interactive page for everyone to enjoy. But please bare with me, have currently slept only 6 hours in the last two days. Simply cause I have tryed to bring everything up to speed.