Weiss Kreuz
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Halo and welcome to V's to Weiss Kreuz fan fiction page. V is a very talented writer, a real down to earth type. V's stories are based not just from one characters point of view, which is something I like every much. V is a well thought out writer as well. Another plus to V's stories. And if you would like to check out V's website go here. But if you don't believe me, take a look see. Your like what yout see...

The Cup and the Fool
Youji is having some trouble dealing with Asuka death on her birthday. The feeling that he had caused her death won't leave him be.

Ken reflect's on his feeling about his work. As well as the others.

Slipping Away
Warning Shonen-Ai
A little girls death gets to Ken and causes him to go on a drinking spree, but when night comes sleep is not within his grasp that is untill Aya give him some sleeping pills, within his dreams realizes something.